International travelling in a COVID times

I want to share my recent/current travel experience

Many would say, stay at home, because you can get or spread a COVID disease. But, we have to remember that it is not a virus itself that has an impact on our lives, but how we react to it. I’m more or less agree that travelling for pleasure can be limited. But, it is so complicated to travel even for essential business. 

And it is super bad:

not travelling – no orders

no orders – no money

no money – no salaries and taxes

no taxes – no salaries even for peoples that force us to stay at home…

I can go on and on…

So, I’m in the middle of my business trip, and so far I spent 20…25h on COVID testings…Taking appointments, going to testing centers, etc…

 It is a golden rain for laboratories! So far I spent ~550$ (3 different tests), and I will need to pay at least 3 more. Such a stupid waste!

But the worst is ahead. The new rule in Canada! I will have to spend about 2000$ for 3 days quarantine in a hotel that usually costs normally would cost 170$…200$/night. Why can’t I just stay in my basement? I have all conditions to do so. Even separate ventilation system with HEPA filtration. Again, this is for a recognized essential business trip!

It also brings plenty of new risks. For example, your flight delayed, or you have connections – then your test results are not good anymore:). It takes about 24-48h to get results and it is valid for 72h. I was travelling from Montreal to Idaho with 3 connections, safety for test results was about 2…3h. Lovely, right?

And be sure, if you travelling to some factory in a small city, 99% you going to have connections, delays and many other surprises!

Don’t forget about challenges such as finding a decent place to have dinner.

My breakfast in 5 stars Holiday Inn (LA, California):

On the positive side (not for the airline companies) – you have a very good chance to get a first-class seat instead of an economy for free! So far I get lucky 3 times of 5! 

From what I witnessed, airplanes are filled less than 10%:

Literally – no waiting time at all! My bag is always waiting for me and not another way around… Maximum 1…3 people before you on checkpoints, etc.

I really hope this madness and fear will end soon and we will be able to live a normal life. 

Good lack travelers (you will need it) and don’t forget to grab a good book or download few nice movies.


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