Chamber filter presses with side suspension filter plates 800x800 mm

ParametersFilter area, m2
Chambers volume, m30,51-0,730,63-0,850,75-1,040,87-1,211,0-1,41
Sediment thickness, mm25-3525-3525-3525-3525-35
Number of chambers, pc4353637383
Operating pressure, Mpa0,5-1,60,5-1,60,5-1,60,5-1,60,5-1,6
Electricity consumption, kW/h2.
Dimensions LxWxH, mm*3620x1230x11604230x1230x11604840x1230x11605450x1230x11606060x1230x1160
Total weight, kg*33503360404043304670

Manufacturer may slightly modify the overall dimensions and weight depending on configuration. Piping and connected valves are not included in the length.