Services InnovoMAX offers filter cloth that is compatible with most makes and models of filter presses. We can recommend an appropriate filter cloth based on your company’s equipment and needs.

• Filter cloth for chamber, membrane and frame filter presses
• Filter cloth for cartridge filters
• Filter cloth for disc vacuum filters
• Filter cloth for tower filter presses

• Filter cloth for drum vacuum filters
• Filter cloth for bag filters
• Filter cloth for belt filter press
• Filter materials for gas cleaning systems

Selection of filter cloth is carried out individually, basing on the exploitation conditions and production technology. There are four stages for selection of the optimal technical filter cloth:

1. Analysis of the customer's initial data, selection of 2-3 samples, conducting of laboratory tests of the cloth.
2. Sewing of filter article according to the drawings.
3. Industrial tests of selected samples on operating equipment in production conditions.
4. Supply of a pilot batch of selected cloth to determine the economic efficiency for use in these particular conditions.

A properly selected filter cloth provides:
• high purity of the filtrate;
• high filtering performance;
• resistance to acids, alkaline solutions and high temperatures;
• high mechanical resistance and long operating period;
• complete separation of sediment from tissue with minimal effort.

Specialists of our company will help you to choose the filter cloth you need, according to your needs. Correct selection of filter cloth is the guarantee for its reliable and long-term exploitation.

We can laser cut filter cloth according to your drawings.

Type of filter cloth / Type de tissu filtrantAir Permeability / Perméabilité à l'air (L/M2/S)Thickness / Épaisseur (mm) Material / Matériel Industry / Industrie
IMPN5001500.6Polypropylene fiber Tailings, Sewage
IMPN5012301Polyamide fiber Titanium dioxide for sewage water
IMPN5022851.05Polypropylene fiber Iron ore, Tailings
IMPN503800.55Polypropylene fiber Diatomite
IMPN5043150.65Polyamide fiber Thermal hydrolysis, anaerobic sewage
IMPN5055500.7Polyamide fiber Sanitary sewage, Coal washing
IMPN506700.7Polypropylene fiber White carbon black
IMPN50743000.26Polyamide fiber Alcohol, citric acid
IMPN5082850.9Polypropylene fiber Iron ore, Tailings
IMPN5099500.65Polypropylene fiber Beer
IMPN5106000.86Polyamide + Polypropylene fiber + polyamideSewage water
IMPN5111600.65Polypropylene fiber Sewage water
IMPN5124500.62Polyamide fiber Sanitary sewage, Coal washing
IMPN513500.5Polypropylene fiber White carbon black
IMPN514170.52Polypropylene fiber Food, chemical industry
IMPN515270.53Polypropylene fiber Sanitary sewage, Coal washing
IMPN51610300.7Polyamide fiber Sanitary sewage, Coal washing
IMPN5179000.62Polyamide fiber Coal washing
IMPN518160.89Polypropylene fiber Chemical industry
IMPN51918500.76Polyamide fiber Sewage water
IMPN52020001Polypropylene fiber Interlining
IMPN521500.68Polypropylene fiber White carbon black
IMPN5221600.95Polyamide fiber Titanium dioxide
IMPN5235500.68Polyamide fiber Paper industry , Sanitary sewage, Coal washing
IMPN524750.8Polypropylene fiber Red mud
IMPN52541.25Polypropylene fiber Chemical industry
IMPN52641.2Polypropylene fiber Titanium dioxide
IMPN52720.95Polypropylene fiber Agar
IMPN528501.05Polypropylene fiber Chemical industry, sugar industry
IMPN52932000.52Polypropylene fiber Alcohol, citric acid
IMPN5301050.6Polypropylene fiber Tailings, Sewage
IMPN53155000.85Polypropylene fiber Interlining
IMPN5321600.65Polyamide + Polypropylene fiber + polyamideSewage water
IMPN533550.61Polypropylene fiber Lactic acid, citric acid
IMPN534550.9Polypropylene fiber Sewage, chemical industry, sugar industry, tailings
IMPN5351000.92Polypropylene fiber Sewage, gypsum, chemical
IMPN536101.7Polypropylene fiber Concentrate, Tailings
IMPN537211.1Polypropylene fiber Taillings, Chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry
IMPN5381450.55Polypropylene fiber Printing and dyeing wastewater, domestic sewage
IMPN539190.6Polyester fiber Electrolytic manganese, chemical industry, dye
IMPN5401350.63Polypropylene fiber Printing and dyeing wastewater, domestic sewage
IMPN54150.9Polypropylene fiber Chemical, concentrate, kaolin
IMPN54291.05Polypropylene fiber Titanium dioxide
IMPN543470.75Polyamide fiber Carbide slag
IMPN54490.92Polypropylene fiber Chemical, concentrate, kaolin
IMPN54520.73Polyester fiber Chemical industry
IMPN546300.95Polypropylene fiber Taillings, gypsum
IMPN547501.25Polypropylene fiber Aluminium oxide, Red mud
IMPN54850.5Polyester fiber Electrolytic manganese, chemical industry, dye
IMPN549100.75Polyester fiber Chemical industry, dyestuff
IMPN550250.56Polyamide fiber Copper smelting, carbide slag
IMPN551650.45Polyester fiber Corn protein / Protéine de maïs
IMPN55260.8Polyester fiber Chemical industry, pharmacy, starch
IMPN553370.9Polypropylene fiber Soybean sauce specialized
IMPN554201.1Polypropylene fiber Chemical industry, oxide
IMPN555100.7Polypropylene fiber Chemical industry
IMPN556131.3Polyester fiber Dye special
IMPN557200.75Polypropylene fiber Chemical industry, kaolin, kaolin
IMPN558481.32Polypropylene fiber Municipal Sewage
IMPN559210.74Polypropylene fiber Chemical industry, sugar industry, dye, industrie sucrière, teinture
IMPN560190.55Polyamide fiber Chemical industry, pharmacy, starch sugar, pharmacie, sucre d'amidon
IMPN561250.55Polyamide fiber Chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry,
industrie pharmaceutique
IMPN56250.75Polyamide fiber Chemical industry, starch, amidon
IMPN563250.8Polyamide fiber Pharmaceutical industry
IMPN56450.75Polyamide fiber Chemical industry, pharmacy, starch, pharmacie, amidon
IMPN565630.85Polyamide fiber Stevia sugar, sewage
IMPN5661600.75Polypropylene fiber Soybean protein isolation
fiber industry
IMPN56750.75Polyester fiber Chemical industry, pharmacy, starch, pharmacie, amidon
IMPN568230.4Polyester fiber Chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, sewage, industrie pharmaceutique, eaux usées
IMPN569800.55Polypropylene fiber Red mud
IMPN57018500.76Polyamide fiber automatic cake discharge, specialized for waste water
IMPN5711600.65Polypropylene fiber Sewage water
IMPN57260.5Polypropylene fiber Corn starch
IMPN5736000.86Polyamide + Polypropylene fiber + polyamidesewage water
IMPN5742301Polyamide fiber Titanium dioxide
IMPN57520.86Polypropylene fiber Agar
IMPN5760.80.9Polypropylene fiber calcium carbonate, pigment, graphite, powder
IMPN577160.89Polypropylene fiber Chemical industry
IMPN578270.53Polypropylene fiber Food, chemical industry
IMPN57941.25Polypropylene fiber Chemical industry
IMPN58020.73Polyester fiber Chemical industry
IMPN581190.6Polyester fiber Electrolytic manganese, chemical industry, dye
IMPN5823150.65Polyamide fiber Thermal hydrolysis, anaerobic sewage
IMPN5835500.4Polyamide fiber Palm oil
IMPN584750.8Polyamide fiber Red mud
IMPN5859000.62Polyamide fiber Coal washing

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Quality control and quality assurance procedures to create non-sticking filter cloth for dewatering municipal sewage waste, mine tailings, and mineral concentrates.