To filtrate various suspensions with high hydraulic resistance, to wash and dry the precipitate directly in the filter, and to obtain filtered product with low humidity – Services InnovoMAX offers you membrane filter press, chamber filter press, frame filter press as well as the optional equipment presented below.

We have a product that is perfectly designed for your needs and will get you a quick return on investment. Moreover, customisation need not always be more expensive! 

High efficiency of technical and technological solutions is based on significant experience of suspensions filtering and on the introducing of filtering equipment in various industries. Thanks to substantial analysis of modern filtering equipment and processes we can propose you the best recommendations regarding equipment choice.

Where Filter press is used

Filter presses are used for different industries such as gas purification, mining, chemistry, metallurgy, sugar production and petrochemicals. A filter press is a versatile and efficient piece of equipment for separation into solid and liquid phases of medium and difficult to filter suspensions (pulps, slurries). Car and truck washes can use our presses to filter wastewater for reuse. Industrial laundries can share the same benefit as lint, sand and grit, emulsified oils and many other unwanted wastes are filtered out of water, which can then often be reused. If solids are generated during the treatment of municipal drinking water or wastewater, our filter presses are an ideal solution.
If you need to separate solids from water or other liquid (pulps, slurries), we can help.

Services InnovoMAX is the official dealer and authorized representative of JingJin Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. for Canada.

WHY CHOOSE Services InnovoMAX? 

  • Services InnovoMAX is committed to providing with industry-leading equipment and service.
  • We operate in a family-oriented environment with loyal employees. Our staff works hard to make sure we deliver the best.
  • Our company offers individual solutions tailored to specific branches of industry.
  • We have ability to do laboratory tests to simulate a various technological processes and ensure correct equipment selection.
  • Our technology ensures minimum operating costs and high productivity, thereby reducing the time of return on your investment.
  • Services InnovoMAX is committed to being an environmentally conscious company.

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Filter press testing

Filter press functional test