Services InnovoMAX is Canadian company, specializes in mechanical engineering and industrial design services. We also offer our clients a wide range of equipment and components for filtration, dewatering and thickening. Such equipment is widely used by mining and processing enterprises, metallurgical, chemical, sugar and other industries.

Our mission is to provide to our customers advanced solutions. We strive to create and provide products and services to meet and exceed expectations in quality, reliability, delivery and cost.

Services INNOVOMAX is ready to bring maximum innovation to your projects!

Industrial Design and Development


  • Our company specializes in providing end-to-end product design and development services. We work closely with clients to understand their vision and requirements, and then proceed with conceptualization, ideation, and creating detailed design specifications.
  • Our team of experienced mechanical engineers utilizes cutting-edge software and tools to bring concepts to life. We focus on designing products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, efficient, and manufacturable.
  • From sketching initial ideas to creating 3D models and rendering realistic visualizations, we ensure that every aspect of the product design is meticulously crafted. We also consider factors such as material selection, ergonomics, and user experience to deliver outstanding results.
3D Modeling and CAD Services


  • We offer top-notch 3D modelling and computer-aided design (CAD) services to transform concepts into precise digital representations. Our team has expertise in using industry-standard software to create highly detailed and accurate 3D models.
  • Whether it’s designing complex mechanical assemblies or creating intricate parts, our CAD services enable clients to visualize their products before they are manufactured. This helps in identifying potential design flaws, optimizing functionality, and reducing time-to-market.
  • We excel in creating parametric models that can be easily modified and iterated upon, allowing for efficient design changes and adaptability to evolving project requirements.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Mechanical Analysis and Simulation

Mechanical System Optimization

Reverse Engineering

Consulting and Expertise

Site surveys


Our full cycle service is supervised by professional engineer (member of OIQ). We offer you our expertise, out-of-the- box-thinking, and experience gained from many accomplished projects.